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Negative Effects of Aga Jawad Naqvi (Pakistani)`s message propagations

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1) Most important point is that in his Lectures/Majalis, he always said negative or sarcasm about Ulema in general due to which followers of Jawad Naqvi are having a view that no Aalim is working in the correct direction and all Ulema are not fulfilling their duties. If you talk to any of the follower of maulana Jawad Naqvi , he will directly or indirectly target Ulema other than Agha Jawad and people/Aalim related to him.

2) maulana Jawad Naqvi`s followers always shows a harsh behavior to others like if I do not agree with their viewpoint , then I have to face harsh negative response from them by calling me names like misled or ignorant or having some ill agenda. This basically lead to Isolation from the Community

4) Jawad Naqvi have set his own parameters to support Wilayat e Faqih and Rahbar e Muazzam Ayatullah Khamenei and who is not upto that parameters could be marked as Doubtful.

5) If you try to share about other Maraje like Grand Ayatollah Sistani , then followers of Jawad naqvi will say that you are not loyal to Rahbar e Muazzam, and say why do you are sharing about other Marajes. I am not saying that it is applicable for all of them but some people behave like that his followers say about Ayatullah Sistani is in the pressure of Enemies of Islam.

6) Listening to some of the lectures of Jawad Naqvi , I found that he have created a view that he is the greatest supporter of Wali e Faqih and he has some authority over this issue, which is some thing fishy. If I am not taking the name of Rahbar in each of my work , then my work could be targeted. At time I can feel that even Rahbar is having a different view on a matter but Jawad Naqvi still taking it otherwise.

7) As you know the relations between India-Pakistan is not good and Muslims in India are going through a tough phase as the Extremist Party is in Power, in such time it will be very kiddish to import Jawad Naqvi's ideology from pakistan to India even when he himself doesn't have any political base or following. Ulema in India are good and capable enough to handle the Matters here and we do not want someone`s interference who himself created problems for Shias by helping groupism and separaism. In one of his lectures he claimed that no one listen to him in Pakistan and he hopes someone listen to him in India, which shows that he have an illussion that Indian Shias do not have any Religious Leader to guide them and also he thinks that All Pakistani Ulema are doing nothing which is itself a dangerous ideology.

8) Some issues are very Extremely pointed out by the followers of Jawad Naqvi like Support of Wali e Faqih and Tatbeer. These two issues are the core base for his followers to discuss. If you have slightly different viewpoint on these issues then you are treated as enemy. Also matter of tatbeer is getting worse in India by this. In the name of Ayatullah Khamenei, followers of Jawad Naqvi are getting too harsh on these two issues which in turn making People 'Badzan' from Wali e Faqih.

9)There are some Ulema which always spoke about Iran and Irani maraaja e Keraam and never utter any thing about the Iraqi Leadership or about the role of Aytollah Sistani in saving Iraq from ISIS.(its one of the example). If we follows the Irani News agencies we can clearly see that Iran wants to emphasize on the role of Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq but these Ulama do not talk about that Unfortunately most of such Ulama are connected to Jawad Naqvi sahab.

10) People want to propagate more and more about Iran and trying to overlook the contributions of Iraqi Maraje, but I can clearly see that Ayatollah Khamenei and Irani Media always try to highlight the Iraqi Leadership specially Ayatollah Sistani when issues come on Iraq. I am really very confuse why some people have there own stand regarding these issue which is at contradiction with Ayatullah Khamenei while they claim that they are the staunch follower of him.

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