14,553,308 (14 Million Five Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Three Hundred Eight) pilgrims entered this year for the annual gathering of Arbaeen.

The Fortieth day after the Martyrdom of Imam Al Hussain (AS) and companions. The electronic counting system was installed by the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) at 5 main entrances leading in to the Holy City of Karbala.
The total count of pilgrims was taken from the 6th Safar until today the 20th Safar. May Allah SWT bless all those who attended Karbala during these challenging times.
A special thanks to all the volunteers serving pilgrims during the walk from as far as 500 km from Karbala providing free food, free medical services and free accommodation. A special thanks to the volunteers at the Holy Shrines for yet again hosting the largest annual peaceful gathering in the world.
Labbaik Ya Hussain (AS)

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