Civil Strife in Iraq; Voice of Ay. Sistani; Corruption in Government - Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

- Summarizing a visit to Iraq, and the turmoil taking place there
- All 3 capitals of Shi'a power are seeing unrest: Beirut, Baghdad, Tehran- This is not a coincidence, but it cannot entirely be attributed to foreign instigation- The problem of corruption, unemployment and lack of efficient and regular services is a reality which cannot be denied. Saddam was removed 15 years ago!- The situation in Iraq has reached to a precarious point where the Grand Ayatullah Sayyid ‘Ali Sistani again made a stand. He did not ask the protesters stop their protests, rather he emphasized that they should do it in a peaceful manner.- As soon as this message was read out, the Prime Minister handed in his resignation to the cabinet; and the parliament is in the process of installing a new cabinet.- Corruption is a global issue. In the West, it is subtle and does not directly impact upon the ordinary citizens; whereas in the East it is more obvious.- The politicians of Iraq should learn from ‘Ali, the Imam whose is buried in Najaf. In three different situations, Imam ‘Ali talks about the purpose of a government. In the view of Imam ‘Ali, government is not an aim but a means of implementing a just rule. MP3:

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