Accepting leader without Divine authority

Talha bin Yazid narrates from Imam Jafar Sadiq (as):

"Whoever would share the leadership of a Leader with Divine Authority, without Divine authority is a polytheist"

Source: Al Kafi Vol.1 Pg.373 (Kitab Al Hujjah)

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Anonymous said...

This post is indirectly referring to Ayatullah Khamenai and iran, firstly please mention the reliability of this hadith. Is it an authentic hadith?? Secondly if you don't like Ayt. Khamenai so stop acting like a hypocrite. On one side you are posting about Aga Khanenai regarding azadari and respecting him and on the other side you are indirectly referring to him calling his followers polytheists. What a hypocrisy. Please be brave enough to be on one side.