Those Who Are Rejecting Hadeeths !!

The Prophet (SAWA) said,
‘Whoever rejects a tradition that is transmitted to him on my authority will have me to contend with on the Day of Resurrection. So when you hear a tradition from me that you do not know, say: “Allah knows better.”’
[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 2, p. 212, no. 114]

Imam al-Baqir [as] said:
Do not falsify (reject) a narration that someone brings to you because you may not know it may be true and by falsifying (rejecting) you have falsified (rejected) the Allah [swt] in the high heavens upon the throne.

Bihār al-Ānwâr, V.2, Pg.186; al-Mahāsin, Pg. 230-231

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