Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli Muharram 2020 - 12 Nights Majalis link

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Night 1: The Plague that Led to Karbala

Night 2: Fajr: The Neglected Prayer

Night 3: Biography of Shimr

Night 4: Did Prophet Muhammad (s) make an error in Judgement?

Night 5: Was Bilal one of the Shi'a?

Night 6: Conflicts in Marriage: Reasons and Solutions

Night 7: Hababa Al-Walibiyya: Lady who met 8 Imams

Night 8: The Soul of Abbas

Night 9: The Hussaini Youth

Night 10: The Slaughtered infant of Imam Hussain (a)

Day of Ashura Maqtal

Night 11: Shame e Ghariba

Night 12: The Art of Returning to Allah (swt)

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