Where is Mahdi (PBUH) right now? Is he in cave?

 Imam Mahdi disappeared in 260/874 when he became Imam. The last time that he was seen, was in the cellar of his father's house in Samarra, Iraq. That is what is rumored regarding Shia that they believe Mahdi is in the cave!!!

Shia do NOT believe that Imam Mahdi is in the Cave or Cellar! He was just seen there for the last time. He can be anywhere Allah wishes. However one thing is clear is that he lives on the earth among people while people around him do not perceive and know him.

Second, with regards to the occultation of Imam al-Mahdi (PBUH), the Quran does NOT rule out such an occurrence at all. Again, the examples of Jesus (PBUH) and al-Khidr (PBUH), who are both in occultation, are worthy of mentioning.

Moreover, some of prophets of Allah have gone to occultation for a period of time. For instance, prophet Moses (PBUH) went to occultation for one time. When Almighty Allah summon Moses to go to Mountain for forty days. He appointed Aeron instead of himself and went to Mountain. Holy Quran says:

“And when We made an appointment with Moses for forty nights…”(2:51).

Based on the verse prophet Moses left his community for forty days and nights and went to Mountain and concealed from people eyes.

Of course other prophets went to Occultation too. To study other Prophets' occultation see book: “Kamal Oddin va Tamamo neemah: Vol: 1, Page: 171-200” written by one of most important and oldest Shia Sholars: Sheikh Sadoogh.

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