13 Rajab of Islamic calendar marks the birth Anniversary of Imam Ali ibne Abutalib a.s. 
Not only Muslims but whole world celebrate the fact that Hazrat Ali was the only Human Born in Kaaba. 

Some people still question the fact that how after so many reconstructions that crack remains. Answer to it is very simple visit Mecca for umrah during the month of Rajab and watch it, how the crack ruptures even after being concealed, plastered, and cemented so many times. Stainless steel nails are driven into the miraculous Rukn al Yamani (Southern west corner facing land of Yemen) to prevent it from disintegrating, this area of Kaaba requires constant maintenance as it keeps breaking up every year on 13 Rajab. This video (attached) shows how every year Saudis try to hide the crack by using every trick but can't able to hide it. 

Now, some people have calling it a living miracle of Kaaba barring the point that it testifies that a birth has taken place in the House of Allah centuries ago.

This crack was actually formed when Hazrat Ali's Mother Fatima Binte Asad (sa) was doing Tawaf of Kaaba (Revolving around Kaaba) and labour pain starts, she prays to Allah to make the birth of her child easy, when she came in front of Rukn Al Yamani, the corner of the wall cracked open to make her go inside Kaaba. She spent 3 days inside Kaaba while the Kaaba's door was locked. People of Mecca tried every bit to open the lock of the door but couldn't succeed. When on the third day Prophet Muhammad (sww) opened the door, he found the baby on the lap of Fatima, He took Hazrat Ali on his hands and Ali opened eyes first time to see the face of Prophet.

Why the importance of the crack in the House of God has been suppressed by the Muslims?
While every year Allah humiliate those Muslims by showing the proof of Ali's birth in Kaaba. The great Islamic scholars and even big Islamic architects who have gone inside Kaaba says that there are signs of cracks inside the Kaaba too that shows somebody came from the rupture of wall.

However, it is a miracle that after many reconstructions that crack still ruptures from the same place. But people should ask themselves Why God made that crack remains till Qiyamah (Day of Judgment)?

A very Happy Birth Anniversary of Vicegerent of God!

May Allah curse the enemies of Ali a.s

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