Book review: Muntakhab al-Asar Fee Al Imam al-Saani al-Ashar

Name of the Book: Muntakhab al-Asar Fee Al Imam al-Saani al-Ashar

Language: Arabic

Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Saafi Gulpaygani (May Allah prolong his blessed life)

Pages: 525

Publisher: Maktabat Al Sadr, Tehran (3rd edition)

Year of printing: 28th Ramazan 1373 Hijri

The reason for writing the book:

With the completion of the preface, it is appropriate to discuss why the author chose to write this book ‘Surely, the reason for compiling this book (Muntakhab al-Asar) is to make the readers aware of the occultation and to expose and falsify the claims of the false Mahdis during the last era. This has assumed importance because our enemies do not miss out on any opportunity to create a rift between the Muslims and inflame the fire of hatred so as to keep Muslims involved and engrossed in conflicts and dissent. One such rift that has engulfed the Muslim community in crisis is the subject of the Promised Mahdi’

(Preface, pg. 6-7)

This statement of Ayatullah Lutfullah Saafi is particularly relevant when you consider that so many individuals have claimed Mahdaviyat on the pretext of eliminating falsehood and establishing peace. We find several imposters who were low on morals but very high on greed for wealth and status from ations like Iran , India and Africa who claimed to be the Promised Mahdi.

The author further elaborates that these imposters abused and whitewashed the minds of the common masses by attributing themselves with the characteristics, signs and other facets narrated by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) for Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.). Since the common Muslim was not well-versed with these prophetic forecasts about the Mahdi, he proved easy prey for these imposters.

‘That is why we have collected these traditions (related to the Mahdi) from the reliable books of the Shias as also the Ahle Sunnah.’ (Preface, pg. 8)

10 Parts and 100 Chapters

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