H. I. Sayed Mahdi Modarresi - English Majlis #04: Jerusalem's Hitta Gate


Quotes from Shah Abul azeem Hasani's Ziyarat ...
Believers can intercede (Shafa'at) their loved ones.
Fatima al Ma'sooma (s)'s status described by Imam Reza (a).
Reward of reciting Wa la haula wala quwwata illa billahil Aliyyil azeem. 
Isme A'azam to get your prayers answered and Dua.
Virtues of Aba abdillah Al Hussain (a).
What about those people who born prior to advent of Islam?
Usoole deen / Furue deen in shia & sunni traditions
What if you die without knowing the guide (imam)?
Chanting Allahu akbar and murder of Imam Husain (a)
Why Imam Husain (A) is called Aba abdillah??
Masjid al Aqsa's introduction
What is Hitta gate? and its significance
Killing of each other for forgiveness
How come crying on Imam Husain(a) becomes reason of forgiveness?
Cultural norms and Prophets's criticism.
Command from Allah & no ifs, no buts- Order about killing Ismael.
Hazrat Abbas (a)'s bravery, submission to Imam of the time.


Muharram 1442 English Majlis #04: Jerusalem's Hitta Gate 

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